Specialized Industrial Services


Al Amara  is the best provider of industrial cleaning and plant maintenance services industries. Our primary objective is to be cost-effectively meet the technical requirements and maintain quality throughout the process. Apart from providing the latest equipment to perform industrial cleaning and maintenance projects of various sizes, the crew is specially trained individuals to accommodate client's needs by matching the appropriate equipment to get the task completed efficiently and safely. Besides, our technicians are certified and thoroughly trained in all aspects of equipment operation, site-safety, and compliance. The Super Sucker Vacuum Truck is a very sophisticated mobile vacuum unit that both wet and dry substance with zero spillage and minimal loss of material. The salient features of this unit are like its  a state of the art equipment, having a stainless steel tank mounted on a truck chassis and the capability to handle materials in solid, semisolid and liquid state. It can handle a wide variety of material without causing any damage to either the tank or the material.