Execution of Projects


With over 30 years of work experience, Al Amara  Construction Division have been involved in a wide range of projects across the kingdom Saudi Arabia. We specializes in planning, construction and erection of large volume, complex and industrial concrete structures, earthworks, road works, scaffolding services, pre-cast concrete elements, buildings and temporary site office facilities. AAI is capable and undertakes EPC projects with a delivery strategy based on internal resources and in-house execution. Al Amara is Headed by a very competent Engineering team, which consistently delivers Projects within the scheduled time-frame. The division also maintains the highest standards of Quality & Safety right from the commencement till the handing over  the project. AAI is always capable of adapting and reacting quickly to the ever changing needs. We also offer specially trained individuals to accommodate our client's needs by matching the appropriate equipment to get the task completed efficiently and safely. AAI technicians are certified and thoroughly trained in all aspects of equipment operation, site-safety, and compliance.